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Rose 32, #2, 4/4/2014

Things I learned today:

  • Microphone position really matters
  • Taking the dog on a long walk before recording means he'll leave you alone during recording.  

Location: home office with door open to dining room
Mic: AT 820
I/O: Scarlett 2i2 USB

Rose Etude #1, 3/7/2014

Location: Dining Room
Mic: AT 820
I/O: Focusrite 2i2
DAW: Logic Pro X

Here's recording #1. I performed/recorded for Emily.

I remember first playing these etudes in Walt Weiskopf's basement in middle school, and this is the first time I've come back to them! At the time, my understanding of music didn't go much beyond classical and whatever songs I tried to remember from the radio so I could keep up with my friends. I had no idea how lucky I was to have a teacher like Walt! 


Last week, I needed to record a short melody for local kindergarten classrooms. On it's surface, this was a simple task. However, I was so frozen by the need to make it perfect, I almost didn't do it and I turned it in late. After talking about it with Emily Kubitskey, I realized how ridiculous that is! I'm going to stare down that inner critic by making and uploading a recording of myself each week. Sometimes they'll be "photoshopped" sometimes they'll be live. 

I work with and hear the world class musicians every day in Los Angeles, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to be part of this community. Sometimes it's intimidating, but I'm not going to let that get the better of me. The music I want to make is too important to allow myself to remain trapped in a perfectionist's purgatory. 


  1. Shake off the critic!
  2. Learn about my playing, and the humility this will require.
  3. Learn about recording.
  4. Because I make my students record, I'll lead by example. 

Ground Rules:

  1. A recording will be posted once a week. 
  2. I'll specify if I did edits. If it says nothing, I did it live. 
  3. Even though I have strong feelings and these recordings will include things I don't like, I'm never going to qualify anything: E.g., "Here's my recording of ________, but my reeds really sucked/I was out of tune/etc."

Ways You Can Help:

  1. Tell me what you like!
  2. Give me constructive feedback. Perhaps this could be like a crowdsourced music lesson.
  3. If you have anything you'd like me to record, get in touch. For ease, I'm focusing on a capella clarinet. 

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