Andrew Leonard

Musician and Teaching Artist


Last week, I needed to record a short melody for local kindergarten classrooms. On it's surface, this was a simple task. However, I was so frozen by the need to make it perfect, I almost didn't do it and I turned it in late. After talking about it with Emily Kubitskey, I realized how ridiculous that is! I'm going to stare down that inner critic by making and uploading a recording of myself each week. Sometimes they'll be "photoshopped" sometimes they'll be live. 

I work with and hear the world class musicians every day in Los Angeles, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to be part of this community. Sometimes it's intimidating, but I'm not going to let that get the better of me. The music I want to make is too important to allow myself to remain trapped in a perfectionist's purgatory. 


  1. Shake off the critic!
  2. Learn about my playing, and the humility this will require.
  3. Learn about recording.
  4. Because I make my students record, I'll lead by example. 

Ground Rules:

  1. A recording will be posted once a week. 
  2. I'll specify if I did edits. If it says nothing, I did it live. 
  3. Even though I have strong feelings and these recordings will include things I don't like, I'm never going to qualify anything: E.g., "Here's my recording of ________, but my reeds really sucked/I was out of tune/etc."

Ways You Can Help:

  1. Tell me what you like!
  2. Give me constructive feedback. Perhaps this could be like a crowdsourced music lesson.
  3. If you have anything you'd like me to record, get in touch. For ease, I'm focusing on a capella clarinet. 

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